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10.10.2012 , 11:44 PM | #11
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Im on the bastion and i have discovered a short term work around that works for me atleast:

You cant join a group or lfg and you dont show in a guild, but your guildies can see you in the offline roster. If you join a WZ you will see no raid frames, so leave right away.

This now fixes you, you can now receive invites to whatever and use LFG. However, if you leave that groip/ops/lfg/wz you will be bugged again and must rejoin a WZ in which you will see no raid frames. Leaving that again will "fix" you again. Also notice that even when you are fixed and you join a group for a riad or whatever you will still see ops messages saying people not in your ops have disconnected/reconnected.

I missed out on my guilds raid tonight because of this but i hope this helps others.
I cant join warzones, thanks though :S