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10.10.2012 , 11:41 PM | #504
I think, possibly you may need to get yourself a job mate, yes, no?. Very nice write up and all, lots of time wasted on it, not that it is of any interest to me, but do you not think it is a little sad to nit pick at everything?, because I do. You remind me of an elderly person in a small village in England, what we call a curtain puller at every movement outside. That is what you are geeze, a curtain puller.

I tend to watch what is happening on the server I am on, and it is heavily populated, lots going on, good and not so good. I have come to the conclusion that this post is merely put up for inciting trouble, for something that probably does not even effect you and certainly does not effect me or most people in this game, which makes the entire post is to your surprise NON VALID in my eyes.

Many thanks