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It's really hard not to. Not talking to them makes no sense. Their stories evolve with your character's story, so it sucks putting them on hold indefinitely. I thought I could just ignore them and keep playing, but it doesn't cut it.

So my Trooper is halted now. Like my Agent. Like my Jugg. Didn't even bother creating my planned Assassin. I know I'll start asking myself the same questions that this thread have asked hundred of times before and been blatantly ignored that many times. After all this time, making up excuses for them it just an exhausting and ungratifying endeavour. They make really hard not to use this thread just to vent frustration and disappointment. Yes, that's what I'm doing
It not only doesn't make sense, I've found it affects the dialogue. Not in dramatic ways, not in "OMG I can't go this route unless I talk to {random}!" ways, just snarky little comments. Vette stands out heavily, as do a few others. Some (Corso and Jorgen...I think) you can't even tell though, which I found odd.

Well I guess extensive use of spacebar is an option, except what's the point of even playing if I can't pay attention to the sole (sort of) unique element to SWTOR...the story?