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Rhetorical question, of course you are (that is unless you've yet to hit level 50).

The real question is which would you prefer: MORE flashpoints, or seeing the developers tinker substantialy with the existing ones so that they become more dynamic, unpredeictable, and immersive experiences?
I think for me bouncing up a new tier difficulty would be nice, something to keep those who have a harder time working operations into their schedule occupied. Lost Island is a nice example of a hard mode that is a step above the existing ones. With 7 tier 1's and 1 tier 2 it would seem a good way to go would be bumping a couple of the "shared" ones into tier 1 to add diversity (Mando Raiders, Collicoid, and Cademimu would be my picks) while making a couple new tier 2 ones.

This way for quick easy comms there's a good variety offered (and it is much easier from a design standpoint then crafting an entire fresh flashpoint) while at the top end it isn't LI or nothing.

The difference would be that the new tier 2's are tuned such that regular mode is on par with HM LI, so the hardmode of those would comprise a new tier 3. Since at 50 regular modes are pretty irrelevant this makes sense and allows extra tuning without making as many new flashpoints.

This way you would have basically

tier O-- Regular flashpoints (blues/purples and the occasional tionese piece)

Tier 1-- Regular Hardmodes (tionese Segue-ing into columi)

Tier 2-- Lost Island HM and new regulars (Columi moving into Rakata)

Tier 3-- New HM's (Rakata moving into Black Hole)

Basically this way some sense of progression is built into the equation whereas now it is far to easy to outgear HM's before you even really start on them-- especially if you both pvp and pve, you can be fully Aug'd Battlemaster with a couple War Hero pieces and basically eliminate the Columi/Tionese steps.

Figure there are several levels of people out there

1.Dedicated Soloers-- Not going to do a lot of group activity and at cap prefer emphasis on dailies/crafting and rolling alts

2.Casual Groupers-- Those who'll run the daily Hardmode but not really step beyond that

3.Casual Raiders-- Do a raid or two a week (usually one day attempting progression content one day working a step below to improve gear)

4.Progression Raiders-- Trying to knock out the top tier raid then get it down to farm status so they can bring alts in

5.Primary Pvpers-- PVE experience may range from none at all to anywhere among 1-4 but focus/emphasis is on pvp.

Now #'2 1 and 4 are nearly impossible to churn out and give enough content to keep occupied. Progression raiders will spend a 4-6 weeks eating a new raid/operation alive then be nearly done, and solo content is devoured even faster. Those in the #3 grouping are fairly well taken care of with SM/HM EC/TFB, HM/Nightmare EC/KP

Problem is working out those that fall around that #2 category, which I would imagine makes up a pretty sizeable chunk of the player population. For them a new tier setup would be a nice means of progression while the #3 folks would have a nice alternative when the opportunity to raid does not present itself to work on content that is still engaging and challenging.
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