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10.10.2012 , 09:20 PM | #501
I made the switch to US server east coast after the first event ended and D3 came out. I had my main in one guild and Alt in another and both guilds un-subbed almost completely when the population did it's first big drop.

The Lag currently is 50-75 for me in Taiwan on a east coast server I know I have a really good connection. I would love to come back in play on a server in my region, but lets be honest I don't want to endless run dalies waiting for PVP to pop or a HM FP.

I can say I am not alone, on the east coast server (9:00am Server Time) there is 150-250 on fleet, and most that I have been puging with (20-30 on my friend list) are from asia too, all re-rolled tired of waiting for BW/EA to do something. We thought of forming a new Guild Asia Outcasts. We have done the HM FP and OP's and the lag does not kill us, only th lag spikes we get every ounce in a while, but I used to get the same thing on Asia servers.

If you are going to keep playing I would suggest re-roll on a server with a good ping for you, atleast you can play with others until/If they ever address this.