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Remove crafting from the game as it is right now and but it back in the form of a crafting class where that and only that class can craft items and then sell them to other players. All players would be able take on gathering/mission skills as they are right now but only the crafting class could learn/craft schems. For instance you would start off as a basic crafter, then for an AC you would choose between two AC's like the combat classes, and the skill trees would be the current crafting crew skills, armormech and synthaweaving trees on one AC with a shared Biochem and the other AC would have artiface and cybertech. Both AC's would be able to craft basic schems for all trees, but to be able to craft end-game gear you would have to spec high into a given tree. This way both AC's get access to (IMHO) the best end-game crew skill Biochem, but they have to choice to do that AND a second gear related crafting skill.
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