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I did have a healer once who thought he was a dps and I mean really thought he was a dps. He was a sage as and a self proclaimed "great" healer. Yet, he would start the pulls and run into the fray healing himself as he went. He also would speed ahead to scout areas, sound familiar? lol. Now, this wouldn't have been so bad at lower levels, but we were running False Emperor.... yea... we wiped a few times at least. However, after a little instruction, all went well and we managed it.
a guildie and i qued once and got stuck with a sage "healer" in recruit gear. it wasn't just that he was wearing recruit gear in Battle of Ilum HM....

when i realized that the "healer" wasn't healing anyone, my first thought was that maybe they didn't notice what role they qued as. so i politely asked them what their spec was. they said, and i quote, "dual specced heals and tank." they then proceeded to tell me how awesome the seer/telekinetics dual spec was in pvp, and also noted that they never really did HMs before. me being the tank, i'm thinking to myself, "NOT looking forward to Darth Serevin....." but i'm always up for a challenge, so i encouraged our makeshift healer and gave them instructions on how to act, saying we'll win them some fabulous gear. which they really needed as they kept getting two shotted at the second boss fight with the sith and imperial trooper. "i feel like such a noob," our healer said as they watched us survive the fight for 5 mins without heals before we succumbed to our wounds. the whole FP was chuckle-worthy. i had fun helping the newbie learn how to HM, as well as getting a workout with my tank.

i don't know how we got there, but we finally made it to the final boss. and as i was giving out final instructions, lo and behold my internet crapped out and caused me to dc. when i reconnected, it dropped me from the party. i kinda felt bad, as we made it all that way for nothing, but i was a tad relieved as well because there was no way we were gonna win that Darth Serevin fight. it just was not going to happen.
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