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So, generalizing: create a new category of Mentor character. These characters do not have an XP track and cannot participate directly in combat, but they can join groups and do indirect things like buffs, debuffs, and perhaps in-combat distractions, and earn legacy XP for being in a group with non-Mentor characters. Mentor characters go through the usual character generator for appearance, with an additional option for adding signs of age (weathering, wrinkles). They can be spectators in any conversation, but never make conversational choices. They can perform out-of-combat revives. They can send and receive mail to your legacy alts, but cannot interact with items otherwise. There can be as many Mentors in a group as there are non-Mentors.

If you reach level 50 in a Jedi class, you unlock the Force Ghost. If you reach level 50 in a non-Jedi class, you unlock the Veteran, an old codger who is too infirm to participate in combat or carry gear and too scrawny to be worthwhile for NPCs to target in a fight.