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10.10.2012 , 08:10 PM | #7
Don't knock on the people for asking for something simple. I agree more dynamism would be great, but if we go too far into the clouds with crazy-high game-changing suggestions/demands, the devs wouldn't take this thread seriously at all. It's pretty clear this team works in baby steps.

I think suggestion threads should start with a conservative suggestion, then extrapolate it out with something like "and if that works, the next step could be to expand it to high concept X", etc... not "OMG-total-rework-you-better-hire-50-new-programmers."

That said, more choice branches in existing flashpoints would be a good start but we'll probably only see that in future flashpoints, just as they said they're making Makeb more sandbox but aren't reworking all the existing planets.