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10.10.2012 , 07:55 PM | #4
I'd love to, as well!
I have many alts, but I'm currently re-installing. I should be back by at least Sunday.

I have a lvl 50 Sent on Repub side.
And alts that range from lvl 1 to lvl 24. (Repub side)
I'm an okay healer. I don't dps when I heal. But I'm awesome at dps. So I'm okay with any class.
We also have guild vent.
I play on the Shadowlands.

Currently, I'm trying to lvl up my Agent on imp side. He's 34, I think. (Want to get HK-51 when he comes out.)
I also have alts that range from 1 to 18 on that side.

I'm available more on the weekends. The week is shot because of school. Though some weekends may crap up and I won't be online. Sometimes, I'll log on at 10 AM Eastern time, or it may be as late as 6 PM. So most people I story with have my personal skype and/or email.

Healing like a boss.
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