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No insult was intended. I am most sorry for that. Well they intend on using the power of the combined species to put an end to the war. Once they have completed that goal, they wish to begin exploration into the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and beyond. They are trying to find the Star Maps used by Revan around 300 years ago. That is why we are sending sending scouting parties to planets that we know he visited. Kashykk is known to have a Star Map on it. we wish to make a non-combat entrance. However if need be these men are willing to do horrible things. Even they are not perfect.
"No one is perfect. I see we are working for idelists again. how many does that make this month, zero?"


"Yep, and the first two groups got crushed by the empire and republic shortly after we were done. what makes you think you can take them both? cause they are going to find out about your little operation sooner or later"