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Heya guys, did some parses today on my marauder (I'm over here because this forum looks more active than the counterpart AC's...).

After editing out the blank few seconds after hitting the dummy I had 2009 dps. (Before was 1991 dps)

I dont have my 61 OH hilt yet (still a 58), but here is how my gear is setup. Any thoughts/tips? I just hit 50 on this toon bout a week ago, and been loving it. So far my favorite of any of my toons thus far.
do u use the same gear setup in ur mr.robot link ? cuz its carnage build can u post ur Annihilation/watchmen PvE spec ?

and what about carnage did u reach those number with it ? i just reached 50 with this toon would love some helpful infos

thx !