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10.10.2012 , 06:59 PM | #10
sometimes i crunch numbers on the target dummy. I parse chunks here and there, but I knew the armor was broken on 1.4a. I play this game or much less now due to the lack of population... I saw barrage had a issue, and even thought i might have found some odd combo punch that tracer/powershot would proc barrage more than tracer tracer tracer... but in the long run it really didn't end up to much different. I went back to the "spec" with 285/230ish/285 for acc,crit,surg. I haven't put on any of the tfb hm stuff yet, and I know there is a serious lack of love from the rng is its getting fed the wrong numbers.... I can dps better than most because I am a geared pve merc, but I'm seeing a low spot overall since what I could do before.

and yes I do see a bigger problem with heat lately as well in overall play.