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I am an assassin tank that goes for max mitigation stats and have nearly 69% shield with DW up.

Was losing multiple stacks of DW on both SM and HM, however it was not a major issue. I think this is one of the fights where I might need to swap my Shield pvp relic to a Def pvp relic.

make sure you are maxing your self heal on this fight as it makes it slightly easier for your heals. Also, sorc bubbles every now and then will not hurt. prioritize getting DW up asap after CD instead of trying to hold aggro, use taunts for that
We kill this boss, like I said, it's not a big issue, but it is a stupid mechanic to trivialize the value of Kinetic Ward like that. Shadow tanks start 10-13% lower on overall mitigation, Kinetic Ward is one of the ways we make up for that.

I understand you thought I was looking for advice. I was just confirming what OP stated and why, thanks for the response though.