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Quote: Originally Posted by AhsokaTanorules View Post
If you could choose only one character to be your companion based on rp preference and imagined friendship who would it be.

My Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen. Apprentice, fellow amazon and sister in battle.
My Jedi Conslar: Nadia Grell. Love of his life.
My Smuggler: Risha. Both are scheming and manipulative ladies.
My Trooper: Tanno Vik. Both could take a dump on the rulebook and use brutal tactics on their enemies.
My Sith Warrior: Broonmark. Fellow killer and murderous psychopath.
My Sith Inquisitor: Talos Drellik. One of the few men she trusts and appreciates his intellect and thirst for lore.
My Bounty Hunter: Skadge. Fellow thugger and bugger.
My Imperial Agent: Vector Hyllus. Lovers and both have strong senses of duty and honor.
Well, i am assuming you travelled with these as your companion, while playing....yes? if so, i would like to know how you managed to level up without the healer companions healing you, because i find it next to impossible.

Though your description does look cool for roleplayers.