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Okay, I got a good one.

A group is in a HM Flash Point and a boss drops a LightSaber. The Tank (Jug) and a DPS (Maurder) both need on it and the Tank wins. The DPS cries fowl and demands the LightSaber be given to him based on the idea that it's a DPS weapon and not a Tank weapon. The Tanks proceeds to show the DPS the weapon has a: Guardian Hilt, Powerbased Color Crystal and a Mod that has Endurance, Critical Rating and Surge.

Who is in the Right.
was saber for dps stats or tank?
if dps, then mara, it has more str then end, powerbase crystal is not usefull for tank, better have end, mod can have only 3 stats, which are endurance, (in this case) str, and crit/power/def/etc. wont have crit and surge (you prodobly ment enh not mod)
still, no one cares what dps think, so I'd say, Tank was right

edit:you said 'it was a dps weapon' I figured marauder cried since he thought all sabers are dps (why we all treat dps like muppets?) , still, dps saber wont have usefull anything for jugg tank (unless he have hilt rate 48 and this one is 56) so favor still is Marauder, but my original point stands about not caring for dps, they are 200 of them waiting for a que :P
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