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Yes, I understand the three tiers of PvP armor we've always had, but unfortunately that is part of the reason we are losing fellow players and BW is losing customers.
So then we should also make free PvE raiding gear handed out as well right? I mean if giving out free PvP gear will help bring people back then giving out both will be a home run!

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And really, why is there even need to make new tiers of PvP armor? This is wasting resources they don't have. Why create EWH weapons?
Because if I wanted a complete lack of PvP progression, I could just play GW II and be done with it. Hell there I don't even have to be bothered with leveling a character... Just because its not PvE doesn't mean there shouldn't be a progression.

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if one can play 10 hours a day. I'd say an average it takes a half an hour to get one warzone pop and finish it.
Your queues most be terrible. If it is taking you on average half an hour to complete one game, something else is the problem. I can complete a game in probably 20 minutes, with queue being less than a few minutes. So it will take you a while if you lose every game over 10 hour a day you would end up with 1600 commendations and 100 WZ (remember the daily). Which throws off your weekly count by 1k of each commendation as well.

Now keep in mind that the PvE system is pretty close in progression. It's not like you are going to be fully geared there in a wekk either. Depending upon your luck with drops and randoms, it could take just as long and then the next content patch you have to do it all over again.

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If you aren't going to stop adding tiers of PvP gear, at the very least matchmaking should try and keep you against others at your effective level.
I would agree with that 100%, it is one of the features that WoW attempted in their WZ and did a pretty good job with. That and PUGs for premades, especially ranked WZ queue premades.

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Just remove expertise, PvP'rs don't need it, PvE'rs / casual PvP'rs don't want it and RP'rs can't comprehend it.
Yeah, then replace it with a more "PvE" friendly stat. That will make raiders so happy!