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10.10.2012 , 03:03 PM | #2258
I think they'd like to tell us, if they were allowed. I just worry that when they can, they'll focus on peripheral issues like when, and ignore core questions like who and how. If they have been reading and thinking about what we say here, then the dilemma of those not knowing how to approach playing characters with potentially romance-worthy same sex companions would be old news.

But since none of the leaks or updates or announcements have addressed this beyond compounding the uncertainty by refusing to divulge which companions will be available I am really not sure this has been thought about in terms of how it affects the players concerned, right now, in the present state of limbo between promise and fulfilment.

I think that needs to be looked at very, very carefully. Whether one is wise or foolish to wait or to just forge on ahead, this dilemma has sent players packing until it can be resolved at the very least by clarifying how this will be implemented in regards to companions already levelled and with their stories already explored.

Not knowing is in this regards far worse than simply not having the content yet. I don't want to go back through all the posts on this subject and counting people who left on account of this, but I know MusedMoose is one, because his departure was especially disheartening, and ought to have been a warning-bell to anyone studio-side who has followed this thread.