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10.10.2012 , 02:56 PM | #123
1. Oldschool

2. Particulate: you want to know what’s in the cave?
Particulate: only what you bring with you.
Martin_smith: oh damn, troll and true at the same time

3. Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now
Martin_smith: read the words
I'm guessing you have to take something into the cave with you that is not available in the game right now. That would make sense with Martin indicating that the quote was a "troll" and that he "wouldn't worry about it right now."

Is it time for an official BioWare forum hint or confirmation that it is not fully implemented currently?

Regardless of the outcome or the mechanics of this, it is exciting to have mysteries in the game (in an MMO market that usually datamines / spoils / normalizes everything as soon it is released on a test server/realm).