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Quote: Originally Posted by chisaineko View Post
... 1 person is supposed to die versus 2 people. 1v2 = dead
1v1 is supposed to be a skill of player wins scenario.

And it should never be 1v3 and expects to win. Yet.. BW made it possible for commandos. That's a bit off on class balance.

The stuns and CC are balanced nicely to shutdown wrecking ball marauders (who can do 20k dps in 3 seconds) and troopers.

I play a sorcerer whose dps tree is supposed to be dangerous too, force lighning ticks at 2600 in pve and only 600 in pvp. Its clearly broken.

I am confused. Shutdown wrecking ball marauders and TROOPERS?

One of those, they failed. The other one, well; WTG. Dead horse beaten again.

EDIT: Oh wait. Did you mean vanguards. If thats the case; I still don't see how you make a change to affect everyone expecting it to nerf 1 or 2.