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10.10.2012 , 01:04 PM | #48
Just started noticing this issue after yesterday's patch, though I know did run across some issues patching and had to repair in middle of it. See it at the character screen when switching characters, also when coming on gamke first time and get to character screen.

My graphics card isn;t great Nvidia 9200 but apprently this issue isn't localized to my machine anyways :P and never had this before.

Hopefully they have fix in the works, though so far other than it kinda startled me a bit worried I might have something running in background I shouldn't it don;t seem major problem my end anyways just. may had issues with it sooner to I just may not been at the computer switching characters enough to notice it till today :P

A+ for the efforts to make the game more friendly for lower end computers btw. Still got some kinks but good to know trying. Hope can settle with the high end users to