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TLDR is below.

As many people are aware that mission crew skills do not always provide the mission type that they want. The reasoning for this is to give a time sink for crafters and to not create a giant influx of resources on the GTN.

Note that this happens with all crew skills (not just UWT or diplomacy). It is noticed the most with UWT and diplomacy because uwt has 3 types of missions that rotate through and diplomacy technically has 4 (with dark/light medical supplies and gifts).

Each mission type has a respawn time which is higher than the mission time (when used repeatedly). On UWT you will notice that if you spend so much time sending out companions on fabric missions you will then start getting more and more gift/metal missions. If you send out companions on only companion gift missions eventually those will go away and will pop up with more metals/fabrics.

Diplomacy is unique in my opinion because it has the same rotation pattern but it also throws in alignment choices as well. So if you are only sending out dark side missions eventually your mission list will consist of only light side missions. If you only send out medical supply missions you will only get companion gift missions. If you only throw out dark side medical supply missions then eventually you will only have light side gifts.

The same thing occurs with other crew skills as well, i notice it on scavenging a lot when im farming for laminoid/aluminium which are level 1 compound/metals. if you send out a bunch of metal missions you willl eventually get a lot of compound missions and vice versa. On Archaeology, if you send out a lot of power crystal missions, you will get more artifact missions and color crystal missions; sending out more color crystal missions will net you more power crystal missions.

You can refresh the list by loading into a different zone by going planet hopping, or by logging out and back in. This system is put in place to not allow too many resources of one type from being generated so in a way it does control the supply of resources to a limited degree.

TLDR: mission availability is dynamic, they respond to the number of times they are sent out. Send more of one type out and you receive less of that particular type of mission.
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