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Great to see fellow gamers, no matter limitations, enjoying a game that helps get them to feel more a part of things.

I have been in a wheelchair since my injury Dec 1996. I broke my C-6 vertebrae and left me with limited upper body movement and no lower body movement. I can move my arms and use two plastic typing aids on my hands to push the keys to type/use abilities in-game. Imagine using an index finger on each hand to use the keyboard and mouse. I am looking to try using some voice-command software to help make me do more than one thing at a time. All that said, I manage to play and have fun in SWTOR

I am currently working on my fairly new 50 and get the gear to start going through Operations.
If any of you or anyone else wants to group up sometime look me up on the Shadowlands server. My characters name is Jas'ta - lvl 50 Juggernaut
I'm on Shadowlands too! I'm usually on Lu'cerna, Melodyous, or Kaeara. Let me know if you ever want a dps or healer for an HM fp or EV or KP.
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