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I always follow the need if you need otherwise greed for my toon but nobody has mentioned off spec's. What if you needed something for an off spec, would people usually say thats a need or a greed?? I always ask even if I need tbh as it's polite.

One thing to also watch out for is as a PUG is guild groups. I joined 3 guild member for my HMFP yesterday. We got to the last boss and downed it fine. I already had what dropped but didnt have for off spec and one of the guildies needed for main spec. I asked in chat if they needed for main spec as I was going to pass. What happened next is the same as ninja looting imo, all the guild members needed it. When I asked why they all needed I found out that because items are no longer BOP, they all need to increase the chance for their guildie and then trade it to them.

Obviously I wasn't too upset as I had for main spec and was happy to give it to them anyways as they needed it for main spec but what got me so annoyed was the way they did it. It essentially it became 3 against 1 for the roll so if I needed it I still only had a 25% chance of getting it.

Just thought I would make everyone aware and ask what people thought? Fair? Exploit? Should I have reported?
I sympathize but this is EA fault, ita a mechanic problem as you explained, it was EA that gave them the power to do this. Seems EA thinks that people arent generally complete douches when hey look its 2012 90% of people are *** wipes.
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