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It's not perfect but it's whats in the game so I can deal with it. And to me, I'm not feeling like im stunned half the game.

I feel like if you go in expecting to never be stunned or when you are stunned you have some sort of instant way out...then yes...Stun Wars. But just like in Soul Calibur, I'm going to expect to be combo-locked / stunned. When that happends I'm not thinking Stun Calibur (unless it's ivy...i hate ivy... lol) I'm thinking "he got me, but im not dead". That's a part of the game.

I don't know any game where players dont feel destroyed when they get dog pilled like that.

Basically, if the amount of stuns in this game bothers you then it's simply not for you at the moment. It's a part of the game. Tekken is all about air juggling, and I know that going in.
A more accurate representation of the stun system would be slapping the other player's controller out of their hands -- repeatedly.
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