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You seem like a smart guy. I do agree that CC is an interesting dynamic in PvP combat (in any game, not just SWTOR) and does add an extra tactical layer to fights. However, your solution (and BW's for that matter) for handling the CC in this game fails basically because the CC Breaker you are leaning on is overtaxed in the system.

The CC Breaker is a poor solution simply because its cooldown is too long. Additionally, this one CC Breaker is all players have to counter not only CC like Stuns and Mezzes, but Roots and Slows as well (yes I consider those to be forms of Crowd Control).

A few things for you to factor into consideration:

a. How long is your average WZ?
b. How long is the cooldown on your CC Breaker?
c. How many skills in this game can be potentially used to Stun, Mez, Root and Snare during the duration of an average WZ?
d. How many of those crowd control abilities can be handled by your CC Breaker during the average time span of that same WZ?

Now also consider the fact that we all play this game to have fun. Dying is a fact of gameplay and sort of par for the course. That is not the problem. On the other hand, being grey-barred and out of control of your character is simply unfun (and the main reason this game is ridiculed as Stun Wars).

The solution is simple. Lower the cooldown on everyone's CC Breaker (I propose to 40s). You want to add more strategy and dynamics to fights? Offer players more control in fights that require strategic use of CC.
It's not perfect but it's whats in the game so I can deal with it. And to me, I'm not feeling like im stunned half the game.

I feel like if you go in expecting to never be stunned or when you are stunned you have some sort of instant way out...then yes...Stun Wars. But just like in Soul Calibur, I'm going to expect to be combo-locked / stunned. When that happends I'm not thinking Stun Calibur (unless it's ivy...i hate ivy... lol) I'm thinking "he got me, but im not dead". That's a part of the game.

No one has ever been stun locked and destroyed in a 1on1 without having a single GCD to do anything, not even from an operative. It only happends when you are focused, 3v1. In which case you should be stunlocked to death...why not? Feels satisfying for the enemy im sure. It makes sense lore wise and it's realistic.

I don't know any game where players dont feel destroyed when they get dog pilled like that.

Basically, if the amount of stuns in this game bothers you then it's simply not for you at the moment. It's a part of the game. Tekken is all about air juggling, and I know that going in.

I never said that I love or even like the resolve system, but I accept it, and it doesn't make me frustrated when it kills me. Because I've never once thought if it wasnt for the resolve system I could have taken all 3 of those guys.

I've also not thought that I have been stunned this whole game because I don't force leap into 3 enemies by myself. If it's 4v4 and the other team decides to play tactical and focus one of you (and in this case your the unlucky one) then they deserve it and one person unfortunately will be stunned locked to death and feel like..."damn, I ran in with everyone and died without doing anything".

When that happends I just hope to myself that my other mates who didn't get touched before i died will capitalize on what just happend.