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Every class has a 4 sec hard stun but most of the stuns in this game break on damage. So people who say that they spend 90% of their PVP stunned are being rediculous of lying. Use your CC breaker.
You seem like a smart guy. I do agree that CC is an interesting dynamic in PvP combat (in any game, not just SWTOR) and does add an extra tactical layer to fights. However, your solution (and BW's for that matter) for handling the CC in this game fails basically because the CC Breaker you are leaning on is overtaxed in the system.

The CC Breaker is a poor solution simply because its cooldown is too long. Additionally, this one CC Breaker is all players have to counter not only CC like Stuns and Mezzes, but Roots and Slows as well (yes I consider those to be forms of Crowd Control).

A few things for you to factor into consideration:

a. How long is your average WZ?
b. How long is the cooldown on your CC Breaker?
c. How many skills in this game can be potentially used to Stun, Mez, Root and Snare during the duration of an average WZ?
d. How many of those crowd control abilities can be handled by your CC Breaker during the average time span of that same WZ?

Now also consider the fact that we all play this game to have fun. Dying is a fact of gameplay and sort of par for the course. That is not the problem. On the other hand, being grey-barred and out of control of your character is simply unfun (and the main reason this game is ridiculed as Stun Wars).

The solution is simple. Lower the cooldown on everyone's CC Breaker (I propose to 40s). You want to add more strategy and dynamics to fights? Offer players more control in fights that require strategic use of CC.
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