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Why do so many people hate such a fun part of PVP in this game? Stuns involve strategy. And when every WZ in this game is objective based stuns really shine.
Speaking only for myself, of course, I just realized I only hate stuns, and feel like I'm being "stunned to death" when the other team really wouldn't need the stun anyway. If it's a reasonably close match, and everyone is being somewhat effective - then in my experience you are more likely to see yourself stunned when you are racing to stop a cap, or racing to intercept the HB carrier... something like that. Those cases, which of course I scream at the screen at the time, don't really bother me in hindsight. I'm more like, "dang it, why did that guy have to play well and stun me there!? And why was I so stupid as to not save my Cc breaker?" That kind of stunning is what I like in a game - tactical, as you say.

But what I hate about the stun is when you are being stomped anyway. The enemy team so outpowers you, or your team refuses to group up (so at most you can get a group of two - you waiting to group up with one other person as they are running off to "solo") - so you are getting crushed as soon as you step away from the spawn anyway. It's sort of like adding insult to injury. "OK, I'm going to have to fight 4 guys here by myself. They are all really good, and it would be close even 1v1, at 4v1 I'm dead no matter what. And not only am I going to have 4 guys kicking my @ss, but they are going to stun me through the whole thing so I can't even get a spit off at them while they do it." That's the stunning I hate. But I'm not sure you can have the first without the second.