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@psandak: Interesting--I'm not familiar with WoW, so I don't have its systems for comparison, and I'm not sure which other features it may have that might make this more challenging. I'm basing my assumption of the "relative" ease of implementing on the existing ability to add extra slots and tabs to inventories and cargoes, and the fairly quick, painless, and bug-free implementation of the guild banks. As a programmer, I know that it's always easier to add features that use mostly existing code than to add new features that require a functionality not previously considered, even if that feature change looks small. Which doesn't mean adding Outfits is easy, certainly! Just...more bang for the buck. I'm glad you find some merit in it!

@Alec_Fortescue I think you confused Outfit problem with Robe problem
There are a whole lot of places that BW can go with customized appearances and gear--and they will be going there as the game goes forward. But my point is that if there's no way to organize your carefully coordinated appearances, then they'll be adding features to a portion of the game that is rapidly becoming impractical.

As for the robe issue, see above; that happens to be one of those tiny changes that has a lot more going on under the hood. Besides, you don't need to see my proposal for a solution on that. The solution is to add it, and BW is working on it, as a low-priority fix. It's already confirmed that it *will* come to the game; no further solution needed :P
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