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You couldnt be more wrong. It doesnt matter whether its in a pug or not, the rules are "need" for yourself and "greed" for everything else. I learned that lesson the hard way ages ago on Kaas when I was like lvl 10 ,100% noob with my first char.

Seriously theres nothing more annoying than those ppl that want everything. "I want it for my companion!" So what? Everyone has companions. I normally even pass 95% of the time so other ppl can have it.
1: Punctuation is your friend. Use it sometimes. Will make you seem like less of an idiot.
2: There is no such thing as 'more' or 'less' wrong. Wrong is an absolute.
3: I wasn't talking about needing everything that dropped. I agree that people who need on everything are annoying, but this isn't what we're talking about.

I can't believe this thread has turned into four pages of petty arguments.
Bottom line;
The Need/Greed/Pass system works on a randomly generated roll for contested items, making it fair. Everyone else had already rolled greed in OP's scenario, so he did nothing wrong by needing for a companion at that point.
He's not a ninja.
Yes, as stressed multiple times, asking is the nice thing to do.
But without communication of ANY KIND, rolling need after everyone else rolled greed is perfectly okay.

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A companion is part of your character
anyways, if they make a fuss about a blue 22 mod, then they are silly, you can buy those for 2k on the GTN.
Quoted For Truth.
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