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10.10.2012 , 08:06 AM | #490
This whole situation is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment for BW, to outright ignore and disregard an entire region of paying clients from oceanic servers. The fact this forum post has almost 50 pages and the most they can say is we know there is an issue... yeah no ****, very observant....

However before making any changes to the game BW need to stop creating more issues to fix every time they introduce a patch ie. GTN crashing, white box on the loading screen, character creation screen when logging, ui left in printed on loading screens.

There is so much change that can be made to benefit the game, issues that can be fixed, ideas developed by previous MMO's which lead them to sustain a very successful game lasting up to this date. Changes they are just not making fast enough, its not necessarily what changes they can do but when there going to do them. Everyone is paying money out of there own pocket atm just in hope that BW will do something about it, Whether its transfers or merges something needs to do be done. Most people that play this game enjoy it and dont want to have to find another MMO and work just as hard to get to where some are now.

BW need to stop putting faith in F2P instead of doing whats needed and merging the servers, if you create them to get oceanic off the US in the first place and can merge all those US and euro servers which we watched first hand you can merge the 3 oceanic servers so we can get on with enjoying our gaming experience.

Oh yeah... and bump