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Guys I am not trying to piss off anyone but did anyone actually considered the fact that there is really not enough people there for the server to be viable ?

I mean sure they could merge the PVE and RP server but that would solve what ? PVP one can not merge with PVE one. I am not sure you would even get such a difference in the populations.

Whatever you think the only chance the APAC region server have is the F2P player influx and that is the only thing they hope for. If that does not fix this they will shut them down it is a business decision you might not like it but if there is not enough people there then it has to be done.
The only way how to save it would be a Chinese server and localized version of client but with all the voice over in the game that is not possible.

[Well a quick and dirty hack like Chinese subtitles would be possible.]
The sad thing is, the servers were well populated once the transfers were enabled. Though due to the location they decided to set up these servers, it worked well for Australia and New Zealand, though the rest of Asia (according to EA / Bioware to only consist of Singapore and Hong Kong) were still better off playing on US servers due to better ping.

Personally I don't see F2P to be successul here. They have managed to kull a thriving community through mismanagement and lack of communication. I really enjoy the game, though I really can't be motivated when I am pretty much forced into a one player game due to a lack of bodies.

It really only comes down to three options:

1) Merge the Oceanic servers into one;
2) Implement cross-server PvP, Flashpoints and Operations; or
3) Shut down the servers and transfer us back to the US.

Although it seems Option 1 is the most favoured, I really don't care myself as long as there is a population. And really, it only comes down to those three options, so I can't understand how the decision can take so long after weeks, let alone months. If they are waiting for F2P to see if the populations increase, they could at least have the balls to say it, rather than handing out disinformation.