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BM gear is about 10% less in terms of stats than WH. Handing out BM gear is ridiculous. The recruit set does its job, it covers the gap between NO GEAR and BM. WH gear is just bragging rights gear, it won't make you that much better in any appreciable way. In fact, there are some stats that are better on the BM mods depending on what you need.

I DO agree with removing the limit on comms. I don't see why we have the ridiculously low cap on comms. At least bump it to 3000 WZ comm cap.
A 10% statistical advantage is enormous in pvp. The 10% gap is also widely inaccurate. My current WH statline with all buffs running a tank stance.

1395 Expertise
1035 melee dmg
92% surge
32% crit
20k health
25% defense
6100 AR

Its not a minor 10% difference. It is a huge gap and dramatically improves my killing and survivability in a warzone.

My standard opening while your stunned and knocked down. Maul, shock, maul, discharge.

2.5k, 3k, 2.5k, 800 = 8300 health. These are some conservative numbers, 17,500 is about bm gear. I am nearly 1/2 healthing a player in full bm gear before they get a counter.

The notion that this isn't an accurate picture of the impact is rose-colored.

Pretending BM gear makes you really just as viable as a WH geared player is not correct. BM gear just means I don't kill you in 1 and 1/2 gcd.

If I do that opening on a recruit geared player and get some good crits I can nearly kill them in 1 stun duration. And no this isn't a I am awesome look at me. This is pure math. That 14-15k health and less dmg mitigation against my higher stats means I hit you harder. You have next to no way to react if I get you below 30% health and can get off assassinate with that health pool. Your talking on a 15k health person that 8300 opener needing to only crit for another 2200 in dmg before I have the player at 30% HP.

If recklessness + Energize + chain shock go off with my shock and 1 of the maul's has duplicity up and your in recruit gear stunned, exactly how long till I can hit you with another shock and then my big hitting assassinate.

From a tank stance. I am sure other classes have similar hard hitting openers. 5k smash and force scream come to mind.

Recruit gear is like paper to wh geared players. BM gear improves your DPS output and gives you some survivability but in all honesty you need to get yourself in wh gear fast.

The gear grind keeps the pvp playable. Honestly, with no end game in pvp its all that keeps the players accounts active. It is for sure a crutch in pvp the gear. I am sure some of the players I absolutely demolish because they have trash gear on don't suck. They have 6 seconds of no ability to react against a player whose statline is far superior and can open from stealth. It doesn't take much to figure out the TTK and gear balance issues make pvp "interesting".
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