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10.10.2012 , 07:08 AM | #7
I tanked this guy with my assassin Tank and healed it with my Operative.
As Assa tank you've got a huge advantage at this point. Having extra threat generating abilities regardless of the damage done.
I still started with a taunt before I was ported to the plattforms, and using my Force pull right away, since you have 0 distance to the boss on all the other plattforms but the first. Then using Wither and Discharge while jumping to my plattform to tank him.
As Operative healer, i had 2 Powertech tanks tanking him the other day, which have almost the same prob as jugger tanks. (while still having the advantage of a pull ability).
In addition to the tank guarding the healers, the healser should use their threat lowering abilities a lot. (Sorc and op healer can do that np, since it's off the global cd). You can do that right from the beginning, since you start generating aggro right from the beginning of the first phase( or better using it right after the taunt, so the Tank still gets the full aggro advantage but the healer drops well below that point..) If the tanks have the time/range they can also use aggro abilities on the boss while still in phase one. Our Powertech tank said that this helped as well.