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Why do so many people hate such a fun part of PVP in this game? Stuns involve strategy. And when every WZ in this game is objective based stuns really shine.

Every class has a 4 sec hard stun but most of the stuns in this game break on damage. So people who say that they spend 90% of their PVP stunned are being rediculous of lying. Use your CC breaker.
Because the time to kill is so damn low that one stun can be fatal. Back before 1.2 I didn't mind stuns at all. More often than not I could live through a stun when I had full HP. Stuns were only fatal if HP was low. Back then, CC played a truly tactical role.

Also, the change to range was extremely short-sighted. The ranged stuns were tactical, too. Stunning a healer at the right time, stunning someone running to interrupt a cap. Now, the best way to use a stun is to use it on a melee class that is pestering you.