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4) Remove inventory caps on WZ comms limits. Remove them completely and start rewarding your PvPers for doing what they love, not punishing them for it by deciding when they can buy something or not. If one wished to PvP from level 10 all the way up to 50, and save up for a half of the WH set right at 50 -- why not allow them? They put the time and the effort in and should be rewarded by being competitive when they reach 50. Reward your players and they will reward you.

"You can play the game the way you want. Level the way you want."*- Bioware
* - see screw you pvpers enjoy your level cap, commendation cap, items with incorrect stats on them for your class prior to 50 causing you to mod rip and throw the other mods on the ground, inability to purchase items that you could hold onto until you were lvl 50 or craft because you have the crafting level to do it, and a valor rank to cap your valor so that any valor you gain past your level is just LOST FOREVER so when you hit 50 you can get valor rank BLOCKED too from wearing any lvl 50 items.

I only like playing pvp. My pt is lvl 39 now. I have already 4k kills on it and it gives me nothing.
In lowbies regardless of my level, Im always top dps/heals/tank/medals because I'm skilled at the game.

I have purchased like 4 sets of 5x enhancements to get me up to lvl 50 with pvp expertise.
Thats 5 x 4 = 20 pieces x 900 comms each, which is 18,000 commendations.
18,000 / 3 = 6,000 ranked commendations.

I could almost be sitting on my banked war hero head piece and war hero mainhand.
I don't even want to get into the math for valor. But my lvl 50 that has 60 valor only has 2.5k kills (my lvl 39 has 4k).

I only have 96 hours on this character. I could be playing lvl 50 pvp but I would have spent the 96 hours being smashed into the ground by geared no lifers. The system should be set for skill not for gear and fatty no liferness. Think more like runescape where you get a skill maxed out you get a cool emoticon or you play 2k pvp matches and you can wear a glowing halo around your character. That's all it should be. Emoticon stuff and clothes discoballs and what not just like social leveling is. So many kills you get something, so many mvp votes you get something, so many wins etc. The whole that guy who is in full gear that has no life who doesn't play as well as me but is still killing me 1 v 1 mechanics gets old real quick and makes the game not fun anymore.
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