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10.10.2012 , 06:05 AM | #9
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Do we need prizes for everything? Its not like you played that much specifically for the legacy reward which you already knew didn't exist. If there was no legacy system, would you have not been playing?
Well... I did not play that much for the legacy reward, that's true. However, I feel it's a little unfair that legacy level doesn't matter in terms of the prices of legacy perks which are stupidly expensive. In fact, it's harder to get legacy perks if you play several characters: that means you don't often do dailies on your level 50s so money is harder to come by.

The best way to really take advantage of the Legacy system is to play one character only: then you can do all dailies every day, run HM flashpoints as much as you want and you'll be swimming in money soon. Altoholics, however, either have to grind a lot before turning to alts or just ignore the legacy perks.