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Imo its stupid to even ask that question, since everyone has a bunch of companions, so what makes you think you should get it and not someone else? Thats just beyond me. I would never ever do something like that. Only once I just hit 400 biochem and wanted to craft that reusable rakata stuff and needed that Biometric Crystal Alloy, so I offered everyone payment if they passed. I would never expect them to pass for no compensation whatsoever. Thats just so darn selfish.

Its really beyond me how people can be so self-centered. But judging from my every day experience not only in-game but in real life too, I suppose most people actually are.
I agree with you but if you really want something asking is the safest way to go about it without ensuing any drama. I tbh agree with you, everyone has companions and apart from solo questing companions are never necessary therefore needing anything for companions seem ridiculous to me as well but I let it slide in groups if someone needs something for companion so long as he/she asks up front
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