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10.10.2012 , 04:28 AM | #10
I completely agree with the OP's assessment. This game 's stun mechanics are outta control. I have been and have seen people get killed many times without so much as a struggle because they were stunned the entire time it took to kill them. Resolve is absolute garbage, and doesn't really do anything. The person is usually dead before resolve even gets close to full. Every class has at least 2 stuns a hard stun and one that gets broken by damage. All characters have one stun release with a 2 minute cool down. In 2 minutes of pvp you will be stunned more time than cattle being herded to the slaughter house. As for strategy, what? What strategy stun lock through an entire fight is not a strategy, it's a joke. It takes no skill and it makes the warzone nothing but pure frustration. When I fight someone I want to fight. It's not a fight if they can't hit back. Player vs Player should be a game of skill, where actions and reactions determine the outcome of an encounter. It SHOULD NOT be like a game of Family Fued where whoever gets the stun button off first wins. The CC system needs a complete overhaul. Hopefully one that allows for a meaningful encounter when you fight ANY class. Where skill decides the outcome more than stuns and gear.