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<Momentum@Drooga's Pleasure Bardge>

We killed the first boss, died to adds, when we came back we were in a diffrent phase or something =(

My clocks are CST.

Second boss:

Third boss:

If you arent keen on adding us until we get a shot of the first one, i understand.
This is from the harbringer specific thread. I just coppied pasted here because im lazy =( I just noticed we were listed as "NOK" for the first 3 kills.

Just a question, why are guilds who havent even cleared the 4th and 5th bosses in addition to some guilds being added without any Screenies or whatever......

This list is rather.....blah...but i very much appreciate the work you are dilligently putting forth for us. Please dont dont missinterpret this as ungreatfulness, i praise the OP for the effort.