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10.10.2012 , 01:27 AM | #4
All things equal (gear, experience, etc.) a marauder or sniper will out-DPS a Sorcerer. But all things are rarely equal. I do more DPS on my sorcerer alt than the marauders I raid with even though they have better gear than me. Why? Because I know the instances like the back of my hand. I double-DoT Toth and Zorn, catch them both with Death Field when Toth jumps to Zorn. Same on Jarg and Sorno. Even on single bosses, knowing when to move and how to stay in range just makes a world of difference, not to mention mechanics that take melee players out of the fight for short periods.

All that said, it would be nice if they tuned the DPS specs so that they are all within 5 percent of each other, as they said they intended a while back.