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No, you were not out of line at all, for the reason i put in bold.
Without any defined rules, and once everyone else had voted greed, you were fine.
You could have asked, and they might not have cared at all.
But they said nothing, either.
These are the same people that quit because people don't spacebar (quickly enough).
Forget 'em, be happy they're on ignore.
You couldnt be more wrong. It doesnt matter whether its in a pug or not, the rules are "need" for yourself and "greed" for everything else. I learned that lesson the hard way ages ago on Kaas when I was like lvl 10 ,100% noob with my first char.

Seriously theres nothing more annoying than those ppl that want everything. "I want it for my companion!" So what? Everyone has companions. I normally even pass 95% of the time so other ppl can have it.

Imo theres nothing more embarrassing and undignified than arguing over loot. Same with money btw..

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Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at six o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of 'ot gravel, work twenty hour day at mill for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle, if we were lucky!

And you try and tell the young people of today that ..... they won't believe you.
I read this like 10 times and so Im wondering, what the HECK are you talking about?
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.