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10.10.2012 , 12:56 AM | #482
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So, from this we can assume you have decided to do nothing, as you value your potential customers you don't have yet more than the paying ones you have right now. Or, more likely, that you do in fact want to close down the APAC server and the more people that quit the less hassle it is for you.
I can't believe during those few weeks a decision wasn't made and that you know we won't like it so you simply aren't telling us. I believe there are laws regarding customer service and obligation to provide support for a product like this. Bioware is obviously trying to provide the minimum level of service, in doing so you risk crossing the line and being liable. Ban me if you like, do me the favour of not wasting any more of my time on a company that does not value my patronage.

It's looks as though EA/Bioware believes the potential F2P non-paying customer is more important than current subscribers with the way we are being ignored. We are paying for this game now, and should not have to wait until F2P to receive a crucial solution to the issues our servers are facing.