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blah blah..... just need to find a decent guild now!
tell me about how much experience you have had with SWTOR.

The problem with this game is it does not have a defined audience. It is too causal for end game raiders and too grindy/group oriented for casuals.

Some people are happy rolling alts and redoing solo missions and maybe pugging an odd flashpoint. They need more story. They dont care abt low populations coz for them its a Single player game with elements of multiplayer

Some people are endgame raiders. They have multiple alts too but want to do endgame will all of them. They are appaled by the lack of end game content, both pvp and pve, and are unhappy with the low pop on servers where they dont find enough people to run Ops with.

If BW/EA defined which segment they are catering too, atlease it will make it easy for them to pump out content for that segment and keep it happy, the other segment can leave. The biggest mistake SWTOR has made is being a jack of all trades, which has left nearly everyone unhappy.

And before you ask, I have been around since pre launch. Have experienced nearly all stories, cleared endgame pve on multiple toons. agreed i dont pvp much but still am in a guild that is PVP champs on my server and know that happens there. I am ok with this game and I pay my $15 a month, but I am disappointed by how good this could have been.