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The words are a hint.... they provide some kind of clue. If Cali killed Nox truly did do it, and post 15 wasnt a troll, then we can conlcude that it is possible to do that in the game as it is now, meaning no item that is not currently in the game is required. According to post 15 (once again, hoping its not a troll), thinking of the Dagobah cave is on the right track. That is where Luke fought a great evil, A "vision" brought forth by the powerful dark side presence in the cave. When you are near a powerful sith, you feel cold, as evidenced by the SW and IA stories. Some of the most powerful sith in the galaxy are behind the events with Karagga (yes Karagga, review the final conversation for "Hutt Hospitality", and you will see clear evidence of these sith screwing things up... although it is still an "unkown presence" at the time), Denova, and Asation - the Dread Masters. I believe the"trigger" necessary to activate whatever is in the cave has great significance to the Dread Masters (or the Ops they had a significant hand in), whose mastery of the dark side is second only to the Emperor. Furthermore (still assuming #15 isnt a troll), CKN figured it out on accident (I am assuming this because I believe that they must have activated the trigger coincidentally). Adding to that someone reported seeing the text on 8m SM when their whole group went in, it is possible to do it in all modes, if done correctly.

(WARNING: analysis of the clues ends here, now it is just pure guesswork ) Maybe it is possible you have to bring a pet along, the one that drops from Denova for instance? or the Lobelot from the Grand Acquisitions Race? Considering the nature of the Dagobah cave, and the duality that this new one has (blue - LS - side, and a red - DS - side), possibly everyone has the GAR titles and separates according to which alignment it represents (SIS freelancer/ Imperial loyalist goes to blue, and Capable sentient goes red, corresponding to the LS/DS choice) I hope that above analysis of the clues helps someone find the answer, cause thats all i got
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