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10.09.2012 , 10:24 PM | #21
A few simple rules solves all drama:

Roll need if needed for main spec
Ask if anyone minds if you want to roll need for off spec or companions
Greed if you can't use
Everyone roll need on rare vanity items
Master loot in ops or just don't bother with that group
If a newbie rolls need on something they shouldn't have tell them what they did wrong, if they do it again /ignore so you never get them in another pug. Met a lot of people who play the 'I'm a newb card' a few too many times.

These are the rules of single server grouping to make sure everyone is happy and people get invited back to future ops/groups.

WoW installed in people the 'dosen't matter, its a pug' attitude with cross server grouping and people forgot that pre-cross server those were the loot rules and anyone who didn't follow them soon got a bad reputation and never invited to anything ever again.
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