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Why do you have no new info? What did you do in the 3 weeks about this issue? Was it discussed and no consensus was reached? Were you too bust getting 1.4.1 that you did not get the time to review this matter? is there another scheduled meeting "Soon" where this will be on the agenda? Has BW and EA given up on this? Do they realize this will have impact beyond TOR as I for one am willing to give up on EA/BW games completely.
There is no real question anymore.
They either have decided to ignore us totally, or they have decided to do nothing.
Either way they have told us they do not value us as customers.
This isn't rocket science. There is nothing to figure out after 3 weeks on their side. The response from Joveth is a stall tactic. If they were planning to do something they would have told us. They would have given us an idea of what is coming with a vague time line, but they can't even do that so they are planning to do nothing in the foreseeable future. Apparently having a selection of servers for possible customers a few months from now that may or may nor pay them any money are more valuable than you and I. many of us who have pre-ordered and have been paying ever since.
My subscription for myself and my 2 sons have been cancelled though. Vote with your wallet. No truer words can be said. Fill in the "Why you are leaving" section with your dismay about being ignored and taken for granted as a paying customer.