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10.09.2012 , 07:14 PM | #475
At this point I dont care what the solution is as long as there is a solution.

I will transfer to US servers and play untill it becomes crap due to ping etc, I will play on the merged server regardless of if it is pvp/pve/rp. I will do practically anything to make this game better as long as I get more people to play with as with the current pop on MDN, I think only 2 guilds are even attemption 16M and as a person who loves endgame raiding I would like to be able to do 16M hm tfb, which is pretty impossible at this time.

I dont care what BW does, as long as it does someting, or tell us they wont do anything and then I can make proper decision if it is worth investing more time into this. If BW come and say we wont get a merger/transfer then that is fine too, but this "Unfortunately we have no new info" is ********.

Why do you have no new info? What did you do in the 3 weeks about this issue? Was it discussed and no consensus was reached? Were you too bust getting 1.4.1 that you did not get the time to review this matter? is there another scheduled meeting "Soon" where this will be on the agenda? Has BW and EA given up on this? Do they realize this will have impact beyond TOR as I for one am willing to give up on EA/BW games completely.