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I've got both an Assassin and Guardian (Jugg mirror) tank that both do endgame content. I really like both of them and I don't think 1 is inherently better in general but there are times when I think "Wow my other toon would have a much easier time with this". Now that isn't to say either one is taking too much damage or not holding enough threat (AoE aside but I'll get to that later), its more the utility and range differences. For Example:
- Rakghoul Behemoth is much easier on my Assassin thanks to the 10m Range.
- Annihilation Droid is much easier on my Guardian tanks to the leap and knockbacks, ditto for Vorgath
- NiM Jarg hurts a LOT on my Guardian but noticeably less on my Assassin thanks to increased range, self heal and higher ele/int resistance

While leveling, I found my Assassin felt really squishy until about level 35. Reason being you have no control over when your self heal goes off until you unlock Harnessed Darkness. Once you unlock Wither though, the game changes: huge AoE threat, self heal available roughly every 10 seconds and a 5% damage debuff on all enemies. This is also about the point you will get your healer companion, so its even easier. Comparatively, my Guardian felt pretty tanky from the get go. Courage and Cyclonic sweeps made Focus management (and group threat) a lot easier once they were unlocked but I never felt squishy.

In terms of TPS, my Guardian in full 61s can put out about 2.2k burst TPS (first 20 seconds) and about 1.6k sustained without using taunts. When my Assassin was in Tionese/Columi mix he was reaching 1.8k sustained with very little burst deviation. I do run a Hybrid build Guardian so my single target TPS is higher but my group threat is a bit lower.

In terms of skill cap on the classes. Assassin has a high skill cap in regards to survivability: managing a rotation that lets you use the self heal as frequently as possible, keeping Dark Ward up and they are able to use its CDs more pro-actively thanks to the short CDs. Guardians have a high skill cap in regards to mob control and threat: using leap -> push -> leap to position mobs (instead of a pull), keeping threat up, learning how to generate AoE threat and when to use taunt/AoE taunt. The only survivabilty skills a Guardian has to worry about are to use Blade Storm and Riposte on CD.

One thing to remember when comparing them: A bad Assassin tank dies, but a bad Jugg tank gets the party killed. That is where their reputations come from. Now a healer can cover a bad Assassin tank but no one can cover a bad Jugg so its more obvious if they are bad.

In terms of utility skills Guardian has:
- Leap
- Friendly Leap
- Push
- AoE mezz
- Enure to buy the healers time
- 2 universally great CDs

While the Assassin has:
- Stealth + CC
- Pull
- 2 situational great CDs and a self cleanse
- Speed
- AoE knock back

If you think you can handle learning to hold threat as a Jugg, I recommend it whole heartedly. From start to end you feel like a tank and its a really fun, fast and hectic playstyle. If not, play an Assassin and learn how to stay alive. I do find my Assassin to be less engaging in a long fight because most of it is just using 5 abilities and 2 CDs while Guardian is 8-10 depending on the fight.