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I'm thinking of a 6 boss raid that would scare hard core raiders!

Boss 1: Combines EV and KP 1st boss and on HM, EC 1st boss too Intended to give the healers a tough time and force the DPS to do enough damage not to wipe, but not enough for consistent raid wide damage. (explained later)
Main Mechanics: No aggro table, every 15% raid-wide AoE for set duration. no where to LoS. Tight enrage timer and has a bit of a potty mouth (slimy hutt-spawn bantha poo eating fwarks!)

HM: see above, but Raid-wide AoE every 10%, tighter enrage timer and randomly jumps to a raid member doing medium damage. Also, Dread Guard Captain present using battle meditation. Immune to damage until main boss is killed. Cures random condition on set timer and has an AoE DoT.

Boss 2:
Similar to Kaon Under Siege 1st boss. Previously you have been fighting undead mobs through a tunnel. (In HM there are some booby traps too!). You enter a cavern and have the exit shut on you. The ceiling opens up and you relies YOU'VE BEEN TRAPED! (with 2 cannons, which wasn't too smart of them!) A Dread guard is hovering over you in a speeder. when someone mounts a cannon the battle begins! And remember to USE THE CANNONS!

SM: Hordes of the undead attack you. Also, occasionally a missle will be fired at someone. they must run into an undead group because while the damage isn't very much on you, it deals significant damage to the poor undead thingies. when you are finished, a drouk breaks through the exit and the dread master runs away. Then kill the drouk and move on. Soft enrage is higher damage, more health, rockets do more damage and fire more frequently.

HM the same, but more undead with more health and more damage, more frequent missiles with greater damage and 2 drouks which will randomly swap targets and become untauntable.

more to come